Belem is a port city found as a gateway to the base region of Amazon. Most of the buildings found in the Belem are of Portuguese-colonial architecture. They are preserved and remain as top tourist destinations. This is a river front place with vast area covered by rivers. The city is filled with Mango trees along with many streets and parks. Estacao das Docas is a beautiful place in Rome to explore the port where many good restaurants are found. This is a good place to spend in the evening and hang out with friends. You can enjoy a boating trip on the river with live music happening! Pretty little shops can attract you with handmade and other crafts. A great point in town to visit and try the dishes of Belem by the Guama bay. The best Ice cream in Belem at Cairu space is the most preferred one by the tourists. All the streets in Belem have the design of tree lined streets. The cathedral Igreja da Sé in the town is the largest and oldest churches in Belem, Brazil. There is also a large and familiar football stadium. The trip to all museums and a walk through the botanical gardens can make you feel better with a calm atmosphere. Procissao do Cirio de Nazare is a stunning Roman-catholic church found in the town of Belem. The impressive architecture attracts people who visit rarely as it is unique to its structure and model. The pink Belem Palace is the official residence of the President of Portugal. An outstanding palace that fascinates everyone passing by with its outer design itself. Jardim da Praça do Império is the largest palace in Europe full of decorative gardens, water fountains and a great place to relax. A famous garden in Belem found at the busy place of the town and well maintained with cleanliness. Regular masses are held weekly and the shrine is grandly decorated during special occasions like Christmas and new year. Basilica de Nossa Senhora de Nazareis the church built with colonial architecture. The virgin mary blesses all the people visiting the church with her kindness. It is very powerful as well as attractive with its old form of designs. Mangal das Garcas is a nice green Park! The place and environment with the animals, plants and some museum are the best entertaining place to visit in Belem. The view of the river is amazing that too from the top of the tower from where the entire city is seen! Radisson Hotel Maiorana Belem is a top rated 4-star hotel in Belem found near the nossa theatre. The fitness centre, outdoor pool and restaurant are worth spending time with wifi available at all places. Minibars, coffee bars and mineral water bottle are accessible for the visitors convenience. Golden Tulip Belém is the familiar luxurious hotel located near the basilica of our lady of Nazareth. Rooms are designed with exceelnt view fromt he balconies and entertaining LCD TV is with staellite channels. Minibar is found to have your hot drink and hair dryers are provided for you to be in comfort.

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