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Exploring Rio de Janeiro by Helicopter


Rio de Janeiro has the best overview with unique prettiness among the cities in all over the world. Rio is the second largest city in the world. It deserved a flight visit tour for its sprawling beauty of nature! The view from the redeemer Christ could be more amazing from the top! The utmost best way to explore such a marvellous city is by Helicopter.

Helisight is the best company to choose for the wonderful fly in Rio. You can also have a day visit with sugarloaf heliport for visiting the mountains. The flight you travel would occupy a minimum of 3 people and you have to wait if you need another person to add to you. People can take their cameras for clicking up photos and videos while you travel along the sky to admire the beautiful Rio de Janeiro. It can be a good day and great experience for you in Brazil with a good climate that supports you to have a fantastic trip. Be aware while choosing your type of trip as it must include the Redeemer Christ.

It is the hot spot for exploring Rio de Janeiro. You are felt like touching the Jesus Christ statue. A ride in a helicopter during a bright, sunny morning would be as thrilling as a trip just before sunset. Tourists explore Rio de Janeiro with touring trips and flight visit. The highlights are Sugar Loaf, Corcovado and Copacabana mountains and beaches from different angles. After visiting Copacabana you are taken to one of the world’s most famous and stunning place to admire the entire city with astonishment. Redeemer Christ is 98 feet high and 2400 feet. The colonial neighbourhood has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts and is now one of the city’s most beloved areas. Helicopter tour in Rio is safe and protected provided with comfortable transport where an expert guide would be accompanying you!

Tours in Rio de Janeiro can take you deep into the Amazon Rainforest, or high in the mountains. If you’re looking for a calmer way of a vacation day in the middle of all that partying, look for the City of Arts cultural complex for musical offerings. The Municipal Theater designed after the Paris Opera House is worth visiting while in brazil. Sugar Loaf tour begins with a view of the city Rio from the bottom and then adds the excitement of a cable car ride up to the top of Mountain, high above the jungle at the base! Fantastic photos can be clicked out while travelling in Rio’s helicopter tour.

Corcovado and Sugarloaf mountains, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches are viewed from the top visit through helicopter. You can grab the great opportunity to visit the Maracana stadium for 2016 summer Olympics! If you are impressed by Rio de Janeiro as you explore by land, just wait until you see it from a bird’s eye view. The flight tour is arranged with lunch facilities to amaze you with different places and new experience.

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