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Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a Revolution in Hair Straightening


It is also followed in United states after certain regulations and controversies related to the treatment. The process helps in removing the curls, straightening the hair that lasts for three months. It costs nearly $150–$600 based on the length of hair of the person. These treatments are usually applied to types of chemically treated hair. Or they might be bleached, hi-lighted, coloured, permed, relaxed or previously straightened or for the virgin hair. Japanese Yuko system is identical tot he treatment held over in Brazil and United states. Heated flat irons are used to close the material into the hair cuticle.

Straightens the curls and waves and reduces it. The treatment doesn’t guarantee permanent straight hair although performed correctly. The person is asked to maintain perfectly with utmost care. The person should not put pony tail, hair clip, tuck hair behind the years or use headbands for 72 –hours gap of time. If it is followed, the result can be perfect for work. It is a 10 to 12 weeks treatment that helps in new hair growth. The more beauty salons with straightening treatments have increased in the past four years and the cost has gone up to €400 per session. Keratina is another different treatment often confused by peoples who e new to. Keratin treatment helps in shining, softening and making the hair healthy by penetrating and treating the internal damage of the hair.

Brazilian treatments are preferred by most of the beauty experts, stylists and celebrities around the world. To transform yourself, you may prefer to change the way your hair looks! Then, you can go for a classy keratin treatment of Brazilians. Treatments must be done consistently for better output. It is safe to take up as they are not using strong chemicals and preferring the natural substance keratin for a healthy hair of their customer. You can request for a formaldehyde-free treatment if you prefer not to be carcinogenic. People have to remember that the structure of the hair is entirely changed and have to keep caring a lot and give time for a grow-out period.

A deep conditioner by sustaining the wet on the hair controls from the appearance of waves soon. The hair is soaked with a liquid containing a chemical that breaks the bonds that give each strand its shape. To maintain the hair regularly, After you get a keratin hair treatment and with the don’t wash waiting time, you should use sodium-sulfate-free shampoo to care and maintain the treatment. Brazilian keratin treatment is cheap and takes less time to perform his action. Damaged hair can be treated well with this method. So, get in contact with your stylist today and book your consultation for it for the keratin treatment in Brazil!

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