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Ten Magical Places Of Brazil


Brazil is one of the top most outstanding world travel destinations. The country has become a popular honeymooner’s choice because of various different sights and sounds that Brazil can give to any tourists and here are the ten must go places if you are going to Brazil. The Olympic games are going to take events in Brazil over the next few months, so If you are travelling here it is worth taking time away from the pub, stadia, TV screens and bars.

You could enjoy the scenery of most beautiful assets in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro would be the first preferred place for any new tourists to have the first impression of Brazil. Bird’s eye view is the great way to see Rio and admire its wonderful design and forests. Maracana stadium where Rio Olympics of 2016 is to be held is very familiar in Rio de Janeiro. You can buy your tickets priorly for the international Olympic games.

You can enjoy an adventurous trip in Brazil by visiting the Amazon which stays second among top destinations! The Jungle of Amazon could be amazing to see the native animals of Brazil. A fascinating sight to admire with wildlife and green environment. Iguazu Falls is the third most attractive place in Brazil. A magical place to reach along with bike riding experience in Brazil. The stunning view of the falls tempts anyone to click the memories and have a bath! The breathtaking beauty of the falls is surrounded by lush green forests to chill you in a hot summer. A historic Old City with beautiful beaches, lively culture is the fourth top place in Brazil.

Salvador is one of the world’s biggest Carnival celebrations all fashion into one of the best places to visit in Brazil. Pantanal is the fifth greatest place to visit and admire at the sea life. Taking a horse-riding tour to see lively creatures to explore the fresh atmosphere within the rainforests could be amazing! To see more of Brazilian culture you can watch Ouro Preto to walk along the cobblestone streets of this town. A top most sixth place with beautiful fountains, ruins and mansions with baroque style churches are amazing o visit in Brazil. If you love hiking or mountain bike riding, then Chapada Diamantina is the seventh place to be visited for sure to have a great view!

The famous dunes and beaches in Fortaleza is just an hour drive to explore the coastal side of Brazil. The photographic streets in Salvador in Bahia state have the brightly coloured buildings with many colonial and European architectures. Tangua Park was renovated recently and now has a big jogging track along with bikeway and waterfalls! The most impressive greenhouse called Curitiba is designed with many beautiful flowers and plants within the glass design. Jalapao state park is very popular with golden dunes, rivers and waterfalls that make you a favourite adventurous trip to Brazil! A 15-minute drive on the sands through jeep or camel can be a good feel to experience on the beach sands in Dunas de Jenipabu.

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