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Brazilian Wax: Is It Your Best Option?


Brazilian way of waxing would be the best to wear your special dresses! You can take up the treatment with an expectation of maximum results in hair removal. Waxing is a hair removal method from its roots. A hot wax is applied on the skin surface to remove the hairs from the root. The wax contains aromatic liquid extracted from pine and another trees along with natural beeswax and tall oil.

The hot wax is applied on the skin with a rough piece of cloth and pressed onto the specified area. Brazilian waxing is familiar for the bikini waxing. It involves the modern practice of hair removal that was begun in Brazil. You can expect an extreme satin smooth and hair free area for nearly 4 weeks after the process of waxing. The treatment is quite painful as the hairs are removed from the roots. In order to take a bikini waxing of Brazilian model, you should have a certain length of hair before the treatment than trimming it before. You should have an idea of what type of waxing you are going to take. Do not prefer to take waxing before 3 days of your special day as your skin seems to be sensitive.

People who have decided to take up waxing in private areas should be aware that they needed to expose their body for the waxer and be prepared for the treatment mentally. To have smooth and bikini-ready skin, you can obviously take up the treatment of Brazilian waxing. But be aware of what process you will undergo during waxing. Hot wax is applied to the desired area and removed in the opposite direction by pulling of hairs from the root. So it will pain a little.

It may cost from 30$ to 100 $based on the treatment you prefer for Brazilian waxing in the salon. You can search online and go to a place where they are using a good wax that will not affect your skin type. Hair removal creams are used with chemicals so as to soften the cuticles for easy removal of hair and reduced pain. It can be done in homes by you with less pain and moderate results. In waxing, there is hard and soft wax. Mostly aestheticians know these kinds of wax. Hard wax is what used for people with sensitive skin where the wax just sticks to the hair and not to the skin. Whereas soft wax sticks to your skin and may cause pain if applied directly, a powder is spread on the specified area of hair removal. Soft wax is usually preferred for larger areas like the leg, arms and backs. Waxing is not suggested on facial areas as the products in wax are alpha hydroxyl acids and Retinoid which are not prone to skin.

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