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Origins of Carnival Costumes in Brazil


The grand carnival festival celebrated in Brazil particularly the Rio has special and unique costumes worn by people participating in the cultural events! The carnival culture was first introduced by Portuguese and it was in a way wearing the masks and costumes and come along a parade through the streets where it is admired and seen by people. The costumes used have a long history back to the early ages. But it has dramatically changed as days passed from the original colonial days. The costumes gave the courage to express in a variety of fantasies and different desires.

First of all, the design of costumes came from Europe with aristocrats and nobles. Carnival costumes in Brazil had several exposures like it was used at the street parties, samba schools, luxury balls and even at the beach. The masks and costumes used had seven years of popularity and success starting from early 1870 to 1950. Men started to prefer stylish clothes like white trousers and sports shirts. The costume ocean swim became a habit with youngsters first during the gap of the first and Second World War in Rio de Janeiro. Andre Skowronski is fond of the Brazilian music. He created the first regional site in English purely dedicated to Rio´s Carnaval culture.

It contains exclusive photos, samba glossary, muses directory & Rio Carnival guide! The outstanding bikini costumes with sparkles on the carnival day is amazing in this modern era. But in early times, was the costume were bikinis? It was not like that and it has changed gradually during years. In the beginning, it was a great costume with ornaments, then it was reduced due to the price problem. People started wearing light colour costumes to co-operate with summer. Then as days passed men began to expose the bare chest appearance and women started to wear those comfortable bikinis!

In 70’s samba became more famous and a special place was designed and designated to highlight the carnival party. Samba schools were begun at that time which has a massive importance in the industry today. Men were given opportunities based on their wish to expose skin and dress in a funny way to attract visitors! The very beginning process of the carnival was like a playing with mud and food thrown on to people and have fun! Then later it was set to be organised festival celebrated with parades and aristocrats participated by coming along the streets and performers were dressed up with large and glorious costumes that are sparkling for a celebrating mood!

The luxurious costumes and music are admired from various visitors from all over the country. Samba the divine music was actually from the talents of Africans. Samba became a the major part of the Rio carnival in 1917. Brazilians natural way of living made their carnival as special as anything else to be the biggest and best carnival celebration out of all! The bright and twinkling costumes wore by the performers are then sold at a greater expectation and high price among people. When each carnival ends, people take it as a new year where the old skin is stopped and looking forward to the new opportunities in Life!

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