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Useful Travel Tips to Rio de Janeiro


Rio is the second largest city in Brazil. The most attracted tourist destination in Brazil. A most familiar local tourist spot within the city other than the cute beaches is Christ “the redeemer” in the river of January. He has recently taken the place in seven wonders of the world. The huge natural availability of lively atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro has highlighted it all the time. Rio is the third largest city in South America.

Ipanema and Copacabana are the widespread known beaches in Rio of Brazil. The mosaic decorations and grand carnival festivals should be the best part of life. Tijuca forest which is not well known as Amazon is the second largest urban forest located in Rio de Janeiro. When exchanging money in Rio, you can bring traveler’s check, credit cards or cash. In the case of traveler’s check, the rate of exchange may be a problem. It is easy to carry cards in Rio for the exchange of money if done. The brazil currency is called real. For Europeans , a valid passport and a return ticket are just enough to have the entry to Brazil. For Canadians, Australians, US and New Zealand people, a visa is required.

In Rio, currencies apart from Euros or US dollars are not that good. It is best to bring either of the two, particularly the US$ which consecutively gets the best rate! When you already have a tourist visa, you have the choice of extending it for another 2 months. You only need to apply this at least 15 days in advance to the expiry date of the first one. However, you can only do this once. Afterwards, you need to leave the country and just re-enter at another time. When going to Brazil, it is best to learn up on some Portuguese language. A quick course would give a basic conversation. It is also advisable to buy translations book. It might be handy in your trip to show yourself as a regional person!

Guanabara Bay is an exciting tourist spot that can be seen from the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Buses are available at cheap rates in Rio with AC and non-AC versions. You can confidently prefer buses to explore the city in the daytime with safety and easily reachable with comfort seating. Frescao is the way local buses are called that run at all peak times through the major areas within the city! Brazil is really very different in its climate.

In Rio de Janeiro, during summer, high rainfall is expected and during winter , the climate is just slightly cold. Mostly, people are recommended to travel during winter as you can go round the entire city and get explored without any natural disturbance from climate. If you are waiting for a carnival to be enjoyed while you are on vacation to brazil, you can visit Rio during the month of February. Brazilian styles of music are amazing with Samba, nova funk and pagode that beats out from the music venues. Enjoy a planned and amusing vacation to Rio! You can grab your opportunity to attend the Rio Olympics 2016 live being on Brazil for the grand event.

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